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Wally Webb

Can someone please help. I was given an old AB MINI PLC-2/15 PLC. I would like to use this PLC on my model train but was quoted R24 000 ($3 000) for the software. Is there anyway I can get around


Your best bet would be to just buy another PLC from someone like AutomationDirect.com
They have very cheap PLCs and software that will a lot smaller and will do a lot more than an AB PLC2 will.

Joseph Luft, FasTrak SoftWorks, Inc.

An inexpensive controller and software would likely be the least expensive way to go. If you would prefer to use the PLC-2, we (FasTrak) do have a programming package for the PLC-2. Call me at 414-358-8088 or email ([email protected]) me for more information. A demo can be downloaded at www.fast-soft.com.

Thanks. Joe