ABB AC500 Software upload from CPU


I got an control panel which uses an ABB AC500 "PM582" PLC. This is my first encounter with an ABB PLC, I am a Siemens guy so most of my routine work is around S7-300 / 1200 Systems. I have been doing some research but can't exactly find out if it's possible to upload the program from the ABB AC500 CPU and store it on a PC as a backup file in case one doesn't have the project file which is my case. On the Siemens PLC's this is something possible which can be done using the Step 7 or Tia Portal software but on the ABB i'm unable to find a feature in the software to do that, neither does the documentation clarify anything regarding to this. I hope any one here with a good ABB AC500 background could shed some light on this.