ABB ACS 800 Siemens S7300


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I built up a DP-Profibus master system with S7315-2DP with several ACS800 drives. Everything seems OK, there is no bus fault, but there is a constant "COMM MODULE FAULT" on every drive. I can read the information from PZD1 and PZD2 with PLC but when I try to enter a value for PZD3 in drive it turns back to zero after refreshing the data. Is there anybody who has an idea of what I did wrong? I use PPO type 4 and DP mode is 1. The version of GSD file is 10812. Will appreciate any kind of help.

Raymond Karamath

Good day,

I did not reach as far as you to establish communication without any BF. However, I will appreciate some help on how to configure the ACS800 DP module. I am using the same GSD file also.