ABB ACS800 control through LabVIEW 2015q Using MODBUS


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I am a materials graduate student at CSM with little Modbus experience, and for my thesis project I need to control an ABB ACS800 drive with LabVIEW 2015 using Modbus TCP through the ABB RETA-01 Ethernet adapter module.

The drive is connected to the computer through an USB to Ethernet dongle to an Ethernet switch then to the drive (Eventually I need to have two ACS800 running simultaneously, this setup was recommended by ABB)

Working with the local, ABB distributor I have configured the drive for use through Modbus and have the main control word built. National Instruments has walked me through the required programming to use Modbus, so I do not believe that either of these are the problem (I could be wrong). I have the correct IP address of the drive in LabVIEW and am writing to holding registers (40001 - 40003) and reading (40004 - 40006).

I am working on ensuring the TCP port 502 is open and able to be used for communication. I also noticed that the network status LED is blinking green on the RETA-01 Ethernet adapter module and the manual says it should be solid green.

I am converting the main control word from a 16-bit binary string into a decimal and sending that to the drive, is this the correct procedure?

What is causing the LED to blink, and how can I resolve it?
How do I code the speed references to send to the drive?