ABB Advant OPC server for AC100 & AC400 series

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Petter Sandgren

Does anybody know if the latest rev. of ABBs OPC server for AF100 supports timestamps?

Kent Nystrom

The Advant OPC Server (2.0) for AdvantFieldBus 100 can be configured to receive time tagged events, via Event Set (EVS), from the AF100 network. Time tagged events contain object information such as the reason for the event and a time stamp. This information together with user defined object infromation such as object description, engineering units etc, can be used by the client application to generate events and alarms.
I am involved with the ABB Advant OCS at a Alstom Power GT24 Combine Cycle Power Plant. I am in the process of forming a user group for the advant system. I have contacted about 20 people to date. Mostly power plant IC&E Technicians. Would anybody on this forum be interested? Please contact me at [email protected] Mark Silva IC&E Technician Lake Road Generating
I am interested, I have 4 years of experience on Advant. Mainly in Gas Turbine and Combined Cycle Power Plants.