ABB / Bailey Conductor NT

Has anyone here had any experience with or, have any suggestions for, upgrading a Conductor NT (any version, but we have v 6.0 here), graphics to a current HMI, i.e. to Symphony Plus Operations (aka PGP)? I have had experience with both types, but only ever converted OIS40 series (SODG) displays to upload into a PGP (now renamed <i>'Symphony Plus Operations'</i>).

I am not aware of what options, (if any at all) are available for similarly converting (or perhaps reusing), Conductor NT displays in Symphony Plus Operations (PGP), or any other compatible ABB HMI consoles.

Any advice would be highly regarded.
I'm hearing that they have a SODG graphic conversion tool that is VERY clean. I think that the tool one used and available only internally. ABB is and has been doing a ton of conversions from heritage Bailey HMIs over the last year.

You should be able to get customer references from your ABB Account Manager, or the ABB SolutionsBank forum, or