ABB comm. w/ A-B 1771 I/O


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Possible to have ABB PLC/Controller communicate with A-B 1771 I/O cards? Want to remove an old A-B PLC but want to migrate to ABB. Leaving the 1771 in place would be cost effective but unsure if it is possible. Anyone done this?
Almost certainly no. Vendor cross-compatibility is non-existant for I/O. The only possible exception is by working with the "more open" bus networks, ie: DeviceNet, Profibus, etc, not DH, DH+, or other vendor locked networks.

See if AB offers a method of putting 1771 I/O under the control of a DeviceNet slave (or Profibus, etc). Then see if ABB offers a DeviceNet master. If so, then you can set up the ABB as a master, run the cable, and use your I/O as a network I/O drop.

I'm not terribly optimistic that this will come together for you, but I
believe that this is your best chance.

--Joe Jansen