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As we have one conducto primary server and one redundant server. After two weeks of operation the systems are slowing down and crash occuring. After shut down and restart this problem is fixing.

Does any body did how to restore the redundant server configuration , when the primary server completely failsin all aspects.
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Douglas Firlotte

Memory could be an issue. All versions of Conductor NT appear to have memory leaks, although the latest revision leaks far less then previous versions. Over periods of several weeks the lost memory will accumulate until you are heavily using virtual memory, at which time performance is lost and crashes will eventually occur. If you have any other applications running on your Conductor machines, as I do, any memory leaks from those programs will only shorten the run time. I get about five weeks with my configuration.

Note: I've avoided using "redundant servers", and instead use two stand-alone servers. I've found this to be more reliable

and instead use two stand-alone servers. I've found this to be more reliable
Dear Sir,
I am Absolutely aggree with your point. The memory leakages is very worst in the conductor NT all versions. I was read in the web , ( Not related to the Conductor NT ) if the memery leaks are like this keeping 1024 MB ram is also useless. Because it cannot with stand the memery leakages. It has to be fix from the manufacturers end by correcting the sotware.
1. I was did the following modifications to come out crash from two weeks to four weeks . Incresed the client s memory almost double ( 192 MB Ram ) and servers 256 MB ram. In place of hubs were replaced by switches ( 3 com Make ). This time i has to see how it performs.
2.I am understanding , we also did the same way by splitting the existing network into two standalone servers. One primary server with the existing licence, the other primary server with the licence key received from ABB Maintenance till the warranty ends. With two primary servers standalone , the systems are slowing down after six weeks only. It is very good for continious process industries.
But the disadvantage is for me , if i want to buy additional primary ( stand alone server ) i has to spend USD 18000. As said earlier i have already having redundant server , with that how to convert my redundant to be as standalone primary server.
3. The disadvantage is at the momemt i am having one primary server licence, one redundant server licence, one client exteder licence. I can separate the existing network into two different networks by pulling out the hub inter connection cable. The disadvantage is i can not modify, or add or delete any tags on the rednt server. Because it uses the cache database only.
4.Some of the books are saying that it is possible to restore the conductor backup on the redundat machine. In this regard i want to do this fashion. Have any body did this test and successfully implemented or not.
5. I was tried to restore the redundant , but didnot see the trends , when i was configured the trends are there only on the primary server only.

If you can provide for me your e mail address it is very much appreciated , i will share my knowledge with you.
6. Have you load conductor on servece pak 6a or service pak 5 .
7.What is the difference and advantage loading conductor primary server on Windows NT workstation operating system and windows NT Server Operating System.
8. Intilllay during ver 2.3 ailey used to load windows nt server operating systems. Now from service pak,1.1b , they are recommeding to load on windows NT workstation operating systems.
9.Advise me what is the loading procedure you are following.load windows NT os,
load video drivers
set page file
load network drivers
load service pak 4
load service pak 5
load service pak 6
load service pak 6 a ( Hot fix )
Load conductor primary
restore backup
after restore
set host name, compact database, set database as a design master
shut down reboot the machine , and wait for fifteen minutes to build up the cache database.
shut down and restart, and set time synchronisation priority ten.
Advise me what procedure you are following, and also after loading conductor NT are you reload agaian servcie pak 6 and service pak 6 a. inform me.
10. How often you are doing the compact database , by using start - programs - infi90 - database utilities - compact database.
11. Are you defragment the conductor hard disks by using defragment tool other than conductor NT.

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