ABB DPU to QEI Scada via DNP3.0


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Charlie Plemons

Does anyone know how to calculate the "analog full scale" number to be used in "CONFIGWIZ" when setting up DPU2000R relays to talk with a QEI Scada system using DNP3.0? The DPU analog data is remapped to the default user register so as to export it as 16 bit info rather than 32 bit. I also need help with the scale factor at the QEI master end.

Gerald Kinsler

Attached is a lotus file that shows how I scaled the points that are used in our SCADA system. Basically most all points will return 32768 for full scale. From that number you can scale it back to engineering units at your master station. If you need more detail contact me at
Morristown Power in Morristown Tennessee.

Gerald Kinsler
Morristown Power System