ABB Drives to Quantum PLC using Modbus, Memory Mapping

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Tom Cash, Instrumentation and Controls E

This is my very first trip into the world of Modbus. My whole life experience in controls has never worked in this arena. Closest is using DH+/DH-485 in AB land to get information.

Where do I go to find the information I need? I basically understand that the information will come in to the 40001-4000X registers. I have not found any information from ABB that talks about anything but Fieldbus. I have never used that protocol either. Would Fieldbus and Modbus be the same protocol?


don't give up, there are solutions for you. :)

First of all ask ABB, that is your ABB drive supports Modbus serial protocol or isn't. If not, ask them which protocol is supported instead. Quantum Supports Modbus RS-232 and Modbus Plus on board. With a network option module in your Quantum rack you can use Profibus-DP or Interbus or Modbus TCP/IP Ethernet.

So, one of these network must be supported by ABB drive, even with an extension module in ABB. If any.

Good luck.