ABB Drives with a PLC


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Fred Pelletier

We've already tryed the communication between ABB and Processors from Allen-Bradley via devicenet, but there must be a brand of plc talking directly to ABB Drives. I checked out the Advant Controller 210 from Alfa LAVAL, also the Quantum from Modicon over Modbus. I'm trying to do a system with perhaps 10 drives, Maybe Sapphire would do the job. I'm an Allen-Bradley fan but I'm open to any PLC brand except for Siemens and Telemecanique. If you ever tried that kind of stuff, let me know, Thanks ;o)
Fred - I do not have a solution for you, but also
being an A-B user - I wonder why you don't want to
consider the Siemens PLC's??

Thomas Swift


Horner Electric makes a combination MMI\PLC which, among lots of other very cool things, can be a ModBus MASTER!

This thing is called an OCS (operator control station) and is very inexpensive. I have one communicating to five GE G11 drives, passing Freq., stop\start and direction commands and collecting and displaying %full touque, actual speed etc.

You can control it's serial port from ladder (something I have never seen any other PLC do).

ABB drives support modbus, so there ya go!

go to to check out the OCS


Thomas Swift

Rajesh Mehta

Sorry for this deleayed response but for sure there are PLC's (or better put controllers) that can communicate with ABB drives.

These normally communicate over AF100 (Advant FieldBus).

There is a range of controllers like AC450, AC410, AC160, AC160, AC70, AC55, AC31 that can communicate with the drives. Depending on the type of drive you are using and the size of control system required, you can choose from the above list.

shrikant padsalgikar

You can do this with ABB PLC (Micro PLC 50 series , Model No. 07CR51 or 07CT51.) It has 2 ports , built in MODBUS RTU protocol which the
ABB drives also have.

you can connect 31 drives (slave)to a Master PLC


Shrikant S.P.
ABB plc's have a direct fiber link between the ACS600 and the ABB plc. I also have a large customer using ABB ACS600 and interface with Quantum via modplus + and we are working with them using a new module from ABB ethernet fiber link from Quantum to ch.0 on the ACS600 via Modbus TCP/IP
We have over 120 ACS600 drives at 17 locations. we use brock (formaly saf) to control our drives via the DDCS link (fiber). it works very well and its easy to program.