ABB Frellance Talking to Modicon Quantum PLC Via Modbus TCP/IP


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I have a network of 6 Modicon Quantum PLCs and a SCADA system which is running on a Modbus TCP/IP network. Now I need to replace the SCADA system with ABB Freelance (Digivis) Software. How do i do the communication set up? I am not suppose to establish a new network. I need to plug in the ABB system in to the existing Modbus TCP/IP network. The existing SCADA system works on its own built in OPC server. Can I use any Third party OPC server or is their any other easy method? Anyone please help me.

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Wassim Daoud

You may use a third party OPC Server for your Modicon PLC ...

I am not sure what protocol are you choosing for the ABB FreeLance... but you can create your own OPC Server without programming by using this toolkit:

Then you can connect them together with OPC Data Manager... to get the data going bidirectional between the two systems:

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Wassim Daoud
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