ABB GT13E2 Trip When Fuel Gas Composition Changed


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We have 3 same machines of ABB GT13E2, 2 of them are getting trip when fuel gas composition changed by supplier (lined up other well) while 3rd one, we did not face the problem.

To be noted, under such case Instrument engineer normally changing the setting of MBP42 by increasing 0.5% for rich fuel.

Sometimes 2 which are prone to getting trip, taking more startup command to get started, some time ignition not coming.

What needs to be checked?

>What needs to be checked?

<b>Specifically,</b> what alarm(s) are annunciated when the unit "trips"???

I'm going to admit--I know NOTHING about ABB turbine control systems, <b>BUT</b> I do know that unless one can read alarms and tell the alarm(s) which are annunciated when there is a problem there's very little which can be done to help troubleshoot a problem.

please send me your contact there is a particular issue you can assist me since my machine is similar to yours.


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