ABB INFI90 BRC100 ROM Checksum Error..


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I have got a redundant BRC 100 controller which keeps on going to Stop mode with error codes 1, 2, 5. The error code suggests its a ROM Checksum error. Can anybody suggest what is to be done to rectify this problem? Is replacing module the only solution?

The manual says to contact ABB. Is it doing it when you are attempting to do a download to the controller or intermittently? Have you attempted to perform any special operations to the controller? Following the ABB flowchart provided in the manual the next step would be to replace the controller. Sorry, I don't have much experience with ABB DCS but am in the process of learning it(reading the manuals) to be able to work on the system for my company.

Have you found an alternate solution yet? If so please post. Thanks.
Sounds like the module is toaster-strudel. Previous poster is right about calling ABB. Be prepared to upgrade to a BRC300/400, worst case. I'll quote an old post by "martin" from 2013

"Something to be aware of:

BRC300 with a firmware greater than g.0 does not support Module Bus, so if you have a Module Bus system as opposed to Controlway, a BRC300 or BRC400 is no use.

you should also not replace a BRC100 or MFP02 with a BRC300 or 400 if you are using:

Simulation support"
There are a handful of BRC-100 controllers still available from ABB (stocked or obtained by ABB Support in Wickcliffe, Ohio), as well as other 3rd party stockists.

If you are considering upgrading to a later controller, then as other replies have said, there will be some adjustments to be made - and I would suggest a full offline test of the system to ensure compatibility before putting it anywhere near a live plant.

It is also possible to replace the ROM chip, depending on the exact version of the BRC, which you would need to discuss with the support team in Ohio.

Hope that helps.
Hello Ron,
I would suggest replacing the ROMs on the redundant BRC100. It is very likely that one of the four ROMs is defective. Please contact me if you have more questions or would like additional help.

[email protected] / 727-807-7068