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I need to communicate to ABB's AC450, MP200, and AC800 controllers through a redundant Masterbus 300 system. OPC is not an option. Any hints on hardware or software would be appreciated. Even a protocol description would be worth to look at.

I don't have any description about the MB300 but I know there is a card existing (RTA-board for PC's and UNIX stations) which allows you to communicate with the MB300.

hope it helps.
The card you are asking about is the Real Time Accelerator, PU-515A. This card will fit into a PCI slot either 3.2 volts or 5 volts.

It has two AUI 15 pin female plugs to connect to a AUI transceiver and from their to the MB300 bus. We have these in stock.

Submit form at for complete details. This company also has the DSMB175 memory board for MASTERPIECE controllers at a very nice price of $10,000.00 fully tested and warranted. Hope this helps.