ABB OS500 HMI Operator Station AC450

We have network of 14 ABB AC450 PLCS and 04 Nos OS500 hmi/operator stations with WinNt 4.0 and AdvaCommand Software.

On 1 operator station, some specific events text appears as green in color while same events appear as alarms in yellow color on other hmi/pcs. See attached picture. The last 4-5 alarms in both pictures are same but different color.
I have checked the rta file on all pcs and related event no configuration are same.
Wt other configurations i have to change.

Any help apperciated



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Matthias Stein

Marketing Communications Manager
Process Control Platform
ABB Industrial Automation
Thanks for your kind help Matthias.
I will follow your suggestions, meanwhile i have come up with solution by reading ABB Manuals although not practically applied but i will goto Abb forum.