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Esmund Chun

Hi All,

Currently, I have a project require a Process Controller System, we have the choice to choose Modicon or ABB controller. Does any body have experience on ABB Process controller? Recently, they have launch their Industrial IT products. Please enlighten me.


Chun CK

Omar El-Wakil

The AC800M is more adapted to smallaer projects since you can connect local I/Os. More I/Os can be added with special module bus cables.
With profibus interface you can add more I/Os. The controller has built in Ethrnet interface and you can add interfaces for profibus, modbus
and others.
The AC800F is based mainly on fieldbus technology, you can add I/Os through profibus (upto 4 seperate networks). It has interfaces for
Ethernet. modbus and others.
You can get more technical information from
ABB offers three controllers that fall under the Industrial IT heading. The AC800F is a fieldbus based controller that interfaces with I/O through one or more fieldbusses (i.e., Profibus, Freelance CAN based Rack I/O, Foundation Fieldbus, Modbus). You can configure multiple AC800F controllers within the same project file. The AC800F is programmed in four of the five IEC 6-1131-3 languages.

The other two controllers are the AC800M and AC800C. I mention these together because they both use the same engineering software and can be contained in the same project file. The AC800C is the brick style controller for smaller projects but it can still expand to many hundreds of I/O. The AC800M is the more powerfull processor that can expand even further. Both can use fieldbus I/O or their own expansion I/O modules. I/O can be local or remote. The AC800M and AC800C is programmed in all five IEC-1131-3 languages as well as a sixed control module object oriented language.

All three controllers are very powerful and expandable and have Ethernet connectivity.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

David Bergeron, P.E.

Tasos Polychronopoulos

My name is Tasos and I work in ABB in Greece.We are now building a system for a cement factory which is using several AC800M with few thousands I/Os.
I agree with the information David send you.The important thing is to know for which application you should use each system. AC800F/M/C.
If you need any further information do not hesitate to contact me.
Hi All,

Thank you for everybody help and providing me so much information. We will look into the ABB web site and consider to try up the AC800M controller.

Thanks again with best regards

Chun CK