ABB Procontic T200 PLC fault message


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David Biles

While tracking down input and outputs in an effort to solve a problem with a bookbinding machine with a ABB Procontic T200 PLC. I got a fault 41 on powering up the system. This was after powering this machine up and down at various times while swapping input modules trying to localize the problem. I couldn't find any information on the web for a fault 41 on this controller, and when I contacted the OEM they told me it was a CPU fault and the entire control system needed replacing at a cost of $13,000. Can anyone offer me any help in this matter, as in how to clear this fault, or what caused it?
Fault 41 is a communication fault with in one of the Input/Output cards. With a PC you can read the value of MW4096.02. This will display which I/O card is the problem.
But I will need the programming software to this, correct? I don't have and don't know how to acquire it as the program was an OEM property. I'm obviously not a software engineer and troubleshooting PLCs is somewhat new to me. I understand most of the principles but know I have a lot to learn. As in what is MW4096.02 and how do I read the value? Any help would be greatly appreciated.