I'm writing to showup my problem in communciation with REF615 ABB Relay via modbus poll software.
I have configure ABB REF 615 with the same as Modbus poll and i'm using " Converter Model TS-1200" which help me to convert from MODBUS TCP/IP TO RS 232/422/485 but i always have timeout error and i can"t read neither power active nor currents
Thanks in advance
1. Generic TCP/RS-485 converters do a poor job, if any, for Modbus because of Modbus RTU's timing requirements.
Converters that work for Modbus TCP?RS-485 are specifically designed for such and sold for Modbus service. I couldn't find a TS-1200 converter in web search so you need to confirm that it is designed for Modbus.

2. Wired properly? Is the slave 485? 495 on the converter? 2-wire? signal ground connected?

3. Serial settings have to be identical on both ends. Check and re-check.

4. If you get a time-out error then you're not getting a reply. I'm not sure in Modpoll whether reversed driver lines are a no connection error or a time-out error. So be aware that the RS-485 driver lines ( A/B or (+)/(-) ) are not labeled the same from manufacturer to manufacturer. Try swapping the driver lines on one end, and seeing if that establishes comm.

5. Is Modpoll addressing the correct numbered slave?