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Shahid Waqas Chaudhry

Dear List,

For one of the our application, I am working to connect a remote site with central monitoring unit. The client wants to use existing hardware which is an ABB Controller: RTU400.

The application is as follows:

Local Site
Remote Site
[ABB RTU]----[Radio]-----------------------------------------[Radio]----[Monitoring S/W]

The two site are connected using VSat.

There are no documentation whatsoever about the RTU. I have searched the ABB website and have been unable to find the manuals either. I am looking for:
1) Harware Manual
2) Installation and Commissioning Manual
3) Software requirement for programming/configuration of the unit

In the Remote Monitoring Site, we are using Wonderware InTouch for visualization. I am also looking for the I/O Drivers for inTouch prefereably an OPC Server.

Thanks in advance.

Shahid Chaudhry
System Integrator
[email protected]

Carol McNelly

This device was manufactured by ABB in Sweden. I am trying to get a contact name and information for you, and will be back to you shortly.

Carol McNelly, ABB Instrumentation (U.S.) [email protected]