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Boris Corrales

In a substation automation project, the protection relays are ABB SPAA 341 C, they use a transmission mode based in fibre-optic serial bus, with the SPA BUS protocol.

We need to communicate them with the RTU, it doesn't support this protocol, so we need information about how to get the signals from the relays in a more common protocol like Modbus RTU, or DNP 3.0.

Are there any providers that supply a gateway with this characteristics?
Is there any other way to connect the signals from the relays to the RTU?

Thanks for your help
Boris Corrales

M. Harisman - Integra Teknik

For RTU, you could use :
Microsol XCell
GE D20

It shall able to convert ABB SPAbus protocol to any of Modbus RTU, IEC 60870-5-101, or DNP 3.0 protocol.

For ABB SPAbus OPC Server, please visit :
it will allow you to run ABB SPAbus, Modbus RTU, IEC 60870-5-101, and DNP 3.0 protocol on single communication port/channel.

M. Harisman
[email protected]
For ABB relays & SPA BUS Protocol,You already have SMSBASE software of need a SRIO1000 of ABB make which will act as data concentrator/gateway to other system,that is very much compatible with MODBUS.

thanking you
Debashis, India

Steffen Hansen, ABB

ABB supplies a protokol-converter unit called FLEXGATE. It works as a SPABUS-master and MODBUS-slave. This unit will poll your ABB relay (SPABUS)and map the data in MODBUS-registers. These MODBUS registers can then be polled by any MODBUS-master.
Best regards
Steffen Hansen, ABB, Denmark

Manny Romero

Steffen, is SPABUS very different to say DNP or Modbus RTU. For example can it work over 3rd Party Fibre Optic Modems such as Westermo Redundant Ring Model LD64 (, which allows you to create a Fibre Ring connecting IED's back to redundant PC's. We are looking at such an application now. Any feedback much appreciated.
Manny Romero
Paqworks - Industrial Data Comms

Steffen Hansen, ABB, Denmark

SPABUS is a Master/slave Protokol, normally using the asyncron serial dataformat 9600baud, 7 databit, 1 startbit, even parity bit and 1 stopbit.
The interface on ABB relays is plastic fiber connectors. The fiber type is HP's 1mm plastic simplex fiber. The connectors are called simplex-connectors, type HFBR4501.
Normally the ABB relays runs in a fiber-ring, but it uses the wavelength 660nm and the LD64 uses 820nm. I don't know if this will work. Another problem is that the LD64 uses singlemode 62.5/125um fiber with ST connectors. These are not compatible with HP Simplex.
ABB normally uses the fibermodem ABB SPA-ZC22. This is a modem specially designed for the SPABUS fiber-ring. Sorry for the late answer. Hope it could help you
Best regards Steffen Hansen, ABB, Denmark
These are 3 questions for Steffen Hansen:

I want to communicate a RTU with many REL 511 ABB distance protective relay.

The functions I want perform are to acquire data from relays like measurements, time stamped events, and synchronize the relays at date and time with millisecond resolution by a clock master GPS based.

Question 1)
Since the relay support SPA and IEC 870-05 I want to ask you: Which of those protocols do you recommend to use?

Things like flexibility, reliabilty and power can be important. Support for synchronization function is important too. Overhead it is not so important because I the communication is local.

Question 2)
On other hand I need to download the other registers that the relay store like the oscillographic registers. Can I use both port of the ZC22 interfase simultaneously?
I mean, can I scan the 485 port with RTU and simultaneosuly downloading the oscillographic registers through the 232 port?

Question 3)
Does SpaBus allow synchronize the second and millisecond field by writing them through the communication port of a ABB Rel 511 Distance protective relay without using the fine tuning with pulse? How protective relay must be configured for that?

Thanks a lot for supporting.