ABB (Taylor) Mod 300 Options


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Struan Hawkes

I have a site who have a rather dated ABB (Taylor) Mod 300 installation. They wish to upgrade to current DCS but have the concern of lost technology in the user configuration which will not be directly ported to the new product.

Has anybody translated MOD 300 configuration to later platforms ?

Jinesh Gandhi

You can change the ABB MOD 300 to the latest platfom of Operate IT B product available form ABB in step by step manner or all at a time. The new product is excellent and latest. U can contact me for any Q- on my email : [email protected]
Mod-300 and ABB Advant 500 have portability.
Advant software directly accepts the Mod-300 database from the controllers. I believe that here you may have to get ABB to do some work for you, but it is possible.


Allen Benton

PRIME Integration, LLC has developed a suite of data mining tools marketed under the name Ramp-Up(tm) for the ABB MOD300(r) and Advant(tm) DCS product lines. These tools capture requirements and design data from MOD300 CCF, TCL, recipe, and graphics source files and import it into MS Excel(tm) and Acess(tm) applications for analysis and design. They also offer migration engineering and system integration services.

You can reach them on the web at: