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Looking for users of the ABB TriGuard (SC300E) TMR Safety Instrumented Shutdown systems. I would like to get some feedback from other users regarding the system.
TMR stands for Triple Modular Redundant, one of several hardware solutions for fault-tolerance. In TMR when an output value of 2 of the 3 processors is in agreement, then that is the voted output. This is called 2oo3 (2 out
of 3) voting.

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I am an instrument Engineer with Kuwait National Petroleum Company in Kuwait. We have 10 such systems installed in our Shuaiba Refinery handling ESD functions of all process units. The systems commissioned during the last one year. We have got three plant shutdowns due to unexplained errors so far. Also may errors reported in diagnostics are so far unexplained by experts from ABB.

I am an instrument technician in Qatar and our company has 2 of these systems which are 100%.

There are a lot of installed SC300E systems and many have problems which the "ABB Experts" are unable to explain or resolve. On some sites, I would give OGD2 as an example, the problems are still unresolved after many years. It is also a problem that in-country ABB units offer support but their staff have little or no knowledge.

ICS Triplex are responsible for the product as they purchased the product rights from ABB. In response to an email we sent them they advised that they do not offer field support directly. They have informed us that they have a support partner, Paktech Limited, based in the UK. The telephone number for them is +44 1634 844848.

Our company have bypassed ABB and called in the Paktech Limited support team. These engineers I am happy to say have resolved our many problems and we now only use them. I know that they have resolved issues on many systems worldwide which subsequently operate without further problems.

Hoping that your problems are soon resolved.


Anon Qatar