ABB TZID-C Electro-Pneumatic Positioner


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I was checking the control parameters from TZID-C Positioner manual. There are parameters like kpUp, kpDn, tvUp, tvDn, Go Pulse Up, Go Pulse Dn, Offset Up, Offset Dn, ADC Noise.

It is written that kpUp is the gain of the controller. The control speed and stability are influenced by the KP value. With higher KP values, the controlling speed increases.

The TV value is the derivative time of the controller. Speed and stability are affected by the TV value in such a way that it counteracts dynamically to the KP value. The speed of the control action decreases for an increasing TV value.

If the actuator consistently overshoots the setpoint, decrease the go pulse. For small and fast actuators, it may be necessary to set the go pulse to 0, even if Autoadjust has determined a higher value.

I got that controller has P and D parts of PID thanks to kpUp and tvUp parameters. However, I didn't understand anything about Go Pulse Up parameter. Is it related to integral part of PID controller if it is really PID controller structure. (By the way the unit of Go Pulse Up is in msec)