ABB WaterMaster Electromagnetic flowmeter


We ordered an ABB WaterMaster for a client. WE did not install or set up the unit, but since installation they have had issues and have yet to be able to place it into service. An ABB Tech has been onsite several times and even installed all new equipment, yet the same issue returned.

I was asked to put eyes on it to see if there was something I could figure out. There is a "220.017 Tx. measurement suspended" fault present and after following the troubleshooting suggestions, we found nothing new. I did however start following the system back and noticed that the transmitters 4-20mA output had been connected to a system that is loop powered and in series with another instrument that requires loop power. This doesn't look right to me but I am not familiar with these WaterMaster units and wanted to reach out...
Analog output

Siemens ships its magmeter converter/transmitters with the 4-20mA output disabled, one has to enable the output to get a signal. What does ABB do?

Is the Watermaster output loop powered output? If so, is the loop being powered with a DC power supply?

If the 2nd loop powered device is something like a loop powered indicator which are typically designed to operate with a fairly low voltage drop, then the output loop is probably OK. Although some indicator have backlit displays that consume more power and might be too much of a load for the power supply, it all depends on numbers, lift off voltage of the magmeter (if it's loop powered), power supply voltage, indicator IR drop.

IF the 2nd loop is another device that creates a 4-20mA signal then the installation is bogus and needs to be fixed.

Error Code

But can any of this output related stuff relate to measurement suspended error code? I don't know. What's the ABB manual say about the error code?

Is this error code the "issue that keeps returning"?

What does the output read when you put a meter in series in the loop? Does that match what might be flowing the tube?

How does the error code display itself? Does it display in the local indicator? HART?

What flow rate is displayed?

If the converter is remote mounted did you check the wiring to the tube? Was factory low-noise cable used for remote-to-tube wiring? If not, you'll have a problem getting a decent signal.

Is the process a problem? Did this mag replace another mag that didn't work in the same process? Mags hate air entrainment and at some concentration will fault. A really electrically noisy process needs an AC mag.

Does this app need grounding rings?

Lots of causes of mag meter problems.