ABC Pvt Ltd is developing a hydraulic automation solution for cutting operations...

ABC Pvt Ltd is developing a hydraulic automation solution for cutting operations and material movement. It consists of following operations.
1. Cylinder A needs 55 bar pressure and cylinder B needs 75 bar pressure. Where pump is of the
capacity of 100 bar pressure. Cylinder A extends first then B.
2. Cylinder A has a feed rate of 25mm/min and cylinder B has a feed rate of 57 mm/min.
3. Cylinder C is required to be extended first then A and then B.
4. Cylinder A and B can retract simultaneously after the complete retraction of cylinder C.
You need to provide following solutions to the industry.
1. Draw a suitable circuit for this operation.
2. Explain the complete working of the circuit.
3. Discuss the ways of synchronising cylinder A and B while retracting.
4. State:
1. Methods/approach used for pressure control.
2. Type of flow control method used and the reasons behind the selection. (e.g. meter in/
meter out etc)
3. Number of sequence valves used and the reasons behind the same.
4. Type of pump to be used and the reason behind the selection of the same.
5. Type of DCV to be used with full specifications (actuating methods, type of center, positions
and ports etc)
6. Hydraulic oil properties to be used.

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