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I1aki Tolosa

We are two Spanish students who are doing our final project in Finland. We are interested in profibus PA and FF and we would be very grateful if you sent us information about profibus PA or FF

We are mainly interested in:

- The need for changes in the organisation of maintenance and documentation when moving to a Fieldbus system.
- Actual economical or process control benefits compares to a traditional automation systems.
- Purchase, installation and start-up costs.
- How big can be a plant with profibus PA or FF ( If you have practical

Thank you very much beforehand,

If you prefer us to contact by phone, please let us know.

Kind regards,
I1aki Tolosa

Frederix Rudi

If you would like to have information about FF and profibus DP then you are at the right adres. I've installed last year a FF and a Profibus network. To contact me [email protected].

best regards Rudi Frederix