About NT automatic safe shutdown ? URGENT !


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Rick Lee

Dear everyone,
I am a software engineer of a control project. I need a function to let NT can automatic shutdown(include power supply). Who can give me some
suggestions to provide this function. Thanks very much.


Rick Lee
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Johan Bengtsson

I suppose it is an external hardware event that should be the trigger. Use the UPS service, it monitors a COM-port and shuts down if a certain
signal changes.

It is accessible from the control panel and the online help would give you the rest of the necesary information.

/Johan Bengtsson

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Davis Gentry

Try using a UPS with connectivity - we use Deltec (now Powerware) UPSs with Win NT 4.0 all over the place. Software talks to PC using a serial connect - shuts down pc safely when it loses power. Works great.

Davis Gentry
Controls Project Engineer
Carpenter Company