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Rui Zhang

I was confused by Honeywell PlantScape documentation about API and Network API. What I need to know is: Can I use network API to write a program that runs on server?

From documation from Honeywell PlantScape:
"PlantScape Application Programming Interface and Network API

If necessary, a site can develop its own custom applications to use in conjunction with PlantScape data.

For applications that run on the PlantScape server, PlantScape provides an Application Programming Interface (API).

For applications that run on another computer, PlantScape provides a Network API option.

Understanding the Network API
Network API has two components:
Network Server Option
Enables remote machines to read and write information stored in the Plantscape server database. The Network Server Option runs on the server machine and is required for any of the networked options to work (for example, Network API, Network Scan Task, and Microsoft Excel Data Exchange).
After the Network Server Option software is installed, it listens for any requests from other machines. The Network Server Option processes these requests on the behalf of the remote machine whether it be a request for a function to be performed or information to be returned from the database.
Allow your program to interact with the Network Server Option. These files are comprised of C libraries, header files, VB files, Dynamic Link Libraries, documentation, and sample source programs which are all designed to help you
easily create a network application.
The network applications you develop can only run on 32-bit Windows environments. Network applications act as clients to the Network Server Option and can read and write values in the Plantscape server database via the network. "