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Ricardo Juarez

Hello everyone:

I´m looking for information about communications on Reliance processors.
I like communicate with Reliance CPU´s for watch registers or write values in registers, but I don't know how can do it. Do you know how is the serial protocol or how is the timing for reach the communications between PC and Rack?.
The way that happens is with a NIC which originally was used on a DOS/Win box which used DMA. The card got reports from the automax rack, and the DMA locations were just spoofs of the registers. Unfortunately, nothing exists to my knowledge right now to allow this card to work under linux. If anyone has seen anything written that allows the card to run, let me know, because I am staring down the barrel of this fairly extensive project.

There is a 3rd party Ethernet card for AutoMax now, made by Avtron called NetMax. This will make it a snap to tie AutoMax to HMIs, PLCs, Plant LANs etc.