About s7-200 and vb communication


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I want to use vb to communicate with s7-200 via 485. I know a ocx in vb is mscomm.ocx , How can I program with it. Please help me!!!
I have the same problem, and i don't have any Idea how to do that but if you find anything please let me know.

Diego Muñoz

He, my english is bad.
With mscomm.ocx you can connect PLC with VB.

In the PLC you program a ASCCI protocol, and read this with mscomm.ocx

Other option is put in the PLC the tip & trick Modbus slave from Siemens.

And download ActiveX Modbus Master from http://mbserver.w3.to/

Put this ActiveX in your VB project. This run ok.

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