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Hi everybody

I'd like to know if someone on the list have any experience working with Simatic software WinCC?
I have a system configuration( 4.01 version ) with more than 300 points (variables), and when I try to read these data, it becomes too slow. I mean that the system takes too much time to access for example to the historical trends, to the reports, to some calculus, etc. Can someone on the list help me?

Ing. Luis Darkins Corti=F1a
J' Dpto. Autom=E1tica
e-mail: [email protected]
- Try changing the comunication method of the chosen communication that You use. This is done by clicking right mouse button on the used communication (for example: Ethernet) and selecting properties.
- Try slowing the speed you use of the graphics that are tag related (if you are using 1sec chang all in 2sec).
- How much WorkMemory do You use? try at least 128Mbyte or more.
- Do you use a 417 CPU? probably not but this one has a Bug in the communications setting after power up is runs then on 6% in stead of 20%.
- How much time uses the trends and alarms. If fast then slow it (if using 1sec than change in more than 5sec for trends).
- How fast is your system? specially the harddisk? It is all Database related and needs fast responding harddisks, CPU's and lot of memory.

Just a few things to start with I hope. Good luck.

You can always goto the Siemens web site www.siemens.de for lots of more help.

Greetings, Sisko Bos (Application Engineer)
JB Besturingstechniek
The Netherlands
[email protected]
A few weeks ago I was discussing the scalability problems of DP with a colleague, who told me about how he had a serious performance problem with WinCC using DP. He rang Siemens tech support who said "You should be using FMS for that much data". Kind of underlines the point really. Note: Reducing the DP speed would reduce the data
arrival rate and hence the number of things that get updated with each new data arrival.

mario foscoli

I am an italian Automation Engineer who start to work with WinCC since last month and I think the system is very slow when start to access data. I use version 5.0, the new release with an option active (the archive). Now I can't help you but I would like have an e-mail address from you for exchange experiences, data and develops.
Siemens asks a pentium II cpu and and minimum 128 k of ram. I think this is the base system but I have pentium III and 256 k (I prefer safety) and this is probabily the first step to improve your system now.

Write me soon to my personal address [email protected]

Hi Moreno