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Diogo Cristian Denny

I'm brazilian and I'm a engineer student. I'm looking for some informations about S7-300.

I'd like to know if you know where I can find any text (not manual) that could show me how to use the S7-300 and its software. I need it to make a test here.

I'll be very pleased with the informations. Goodbye.

Diogo C. Denny
mailto:[email protected]

Michael Griffin

Have you looked at what manuals are available? You can download them for free from Siemens' web site at
"http://www.ad.siemens.de/meta/index_76.htm". If you haven't downloaded them already then you should, after all free is free and it will cost you nothing to look at them.

They can be rather difficult to find, as they are buried rather deeply, but follow the path specified below:

1) Select "Automation Systems" from the menu at the left.
2) Select "Support, Training and Services" from the menu at the top.
3) Select "Simatic" from the menu in the middle.
4) Select "Manuals" from the menu on the left.

This should take you to a screen from which you select the type of manuals you want from the left side of the screen. The manuals which may help you are scattered about in different spots, so be sure to look under different headings for them.

Michael Griffin
London, Ont. Canada
[email protected]
I have found very few books on any specific PLC's. However, Siemens has several books written by Hans Berger that are pretty good. They have at least 2 versions; one for statment list and the other for ladder logic. He also has some older S5 books as well.

Order number A19100-L531-B740-X-7600
ISBN 3-89578-094-4
You can download a lot of manuals AND find faq's at this site. I'd surely recomend it.

Gerard Ammerlaan