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What are my options to connect an absolute encoder signal input to the AB's ControlLogix system for position feedback control? There will be a long (~500ft) cable connection required for this system.
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Peter Nachtwey

Yes, if you just want an absolute encoder, buy a absolute encoder with a DeviceNet interface.

Alex Ruderman

You may find relevant the following posting:

Topic - Motion Control (servos, steppers, etc).
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If you want to run an absolute encoder back into a 1756-M02AE motion module, you have to go through an absolute-to-incremental converter that
has a "burst mode" for powerup to establish what position they're in. Applications have been done successfully using the 4100-AEC module from
A-B's General Motion division.

A-B just released a SERCOS module that works just with A-B motion controllers on SERCOS, but I don't have experience with it yet.

If you're doing some other kind of positioning that doesn't involve the motion modules, a DeviceNet absolute encoder from A-B or Danaher might fit the bill. I've done that on some package sorting machines that work great.

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Ken Roach
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