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Robert Graf

I'm planning on building an inexpensive rotating lens speaker, similar to the units used with organs. The design calls for a rotating lens made of 1/4" plywood, about 12" diameter to be rotated at about 5 to maybe 20 rpm. Speed of response is not critical. It might be a nice feature to have it ramp up/down, so an auto mode might be nice also. What I must have though, is a cheap, durable motor and externally controllable speed control.

Pradeep Chatterjee

I feel you can try with a squirrel cage induction motor (8 pole) of suitable horse power(which I think should not be very high)along with any AC variable frequency drive.If maintaining speed accuracy is very important and you have impact or varying load then only go for an AC vector controlled drive. But this indeed is not a cheap method. Let's see if others can suggest something

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