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Burda, Jason M.

I have a vba that is used to take acidity samples from test equipment. Once the vba gets a value for the sample it writes the value to an acess database table and also send the value via DDE link to a plc. The problem we are starting to have is that when the vba goes to write the value to the DDE and the DDE goes to send it out over the ethernet I am getting problems with another application that is using the ethernet port. Also, I am not sure how successful the DDE Link is working. I am using a cimplicity HMI system.

Does anybody have any suggestions on the CimBasic code needed to do the following:

1. Connect to the specific field in the specific table in the specific database at the specific directory on the specific machine in the specific

2. When a new record is added to the table.

3. Get the value in the specific field

4. Write the value to a virtual point in cimplicity....This much I have done.

5. I need the value to update every time I get a new value in this field... I.e. the time stamp changes or the record count in the table changes.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Jason Burda