Access use with SQL-Server (was corruption)


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Hullsiek, William

MS-Access is a useful tool for building small prototypes or as a front-end tool to MS-SQL-Server or Oracle.

The architecture though is file based as opposed to a client/server or three-tier architecture. Generally, the file gets corrupt when a client
side machine goes down unexpectedly, or if a user aborts in the middle of an update.

You can start with MS-Access and then migrate the data side to MS-SQL-Server. The nice thing about SQl-Server, is that you don't need a "High Priest"
or "High Priestess" the way you do with Oracle.

As usual, your actual mileage may vary based on your application requirements.

Beware of IT people that say SQLServer is a toy... the product is fast enough for most applications when properly configured and programmed.

- Bill Hullsiek