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Bart Verwoerd

Hello everybody who also is told by his customer to work with siemens WinCC because he was convinced (by them) this was the best thing to buy.

I am busy with an WinCC project in the newspaper business. My main language is dutch so excuse the sometimes bad english.

I had a short introduction of WinCC and now I am looking for a solution for the following problem:

I set up an alarm-logging system and now I want to give certain picture elements different colours depending of which alarm is active or not.

I work a lot with the C-scripts and I would like to know a way to reach for instance (yes/no) property so the c-script can color directly a picture element of a group of picture elements.

I popped this question also to siemens and I am now waiting 1 week for an answer.

Thanks in advance

Bart Verwoerd
tbwb industrial automation

Maguire, Kevin

Hello Bart;

You can have your picture elements change colors depending on the status of the alarm by connecting the color attribute to the same tag that triggers the alarm.

You will not need to do any scripting for this.

Right click on the specific picture object and choose properties.

In the color folder, you will see an attribute called "background color".

Right click on the "light bulb" to the right of this attribute and a small menu will appear.

Choose "dynamic dialog".

In this box, you can specify the tag that you want to monitor and then the color of the object based on the result of a bit status or the range of an analog value.

That should do it.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions.


Kevin C. Maguire
Software Sales Specialist
Schaumburg, IL Office