Accessing Real Time in GE FANUC PLC


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How to get real time in GE FANUC VERSAMAX PLC? I want to use the time for tank flow rate calculation. It will be a simple maths based on tank level drop, but I am not able to get how to get time of PLC. The exact time at which my tank level was accessed in PLC scan.

Please suggest the instruction that can be used for accessing of real time of PLC.

Thank you.
This link should provide sample logic for a 90-30, however, it should be the same for Versamax series processors.

We use very similar logic for TOD on 90-30, Versamax,and RX3i processors. We use a script to set a bit on all processors to keep them in sync with each other.

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Use ServiceRequest 16, not 7. There is no reason to mess with Time and Date, when you can use the elapsed time clock. SVC_REQ 16 returns 32 bits of seconds and 16 bits of 100 microsecond ticks since power up.