Accessing RealFlex data in Windows?


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John Power

Is there any method of accessing RealFlex data in Windows? I have tried LanFlex but the functionality is extremely poor.

William Carrillo


Have you use Realflex DDE ? This is the solution we used in order to extract data from Realflex and send it to a Visual Basic program. You will need the QNX tcp/ip software and the Realflex
DDE software also. Plus a ethernet card 10base-t and of course a 10mbit network.

William Carrillo
Maracaibo, Venezuela

Quentin Ginever

Probably the lowest cost method is to use Termflex. This is a RealFlex option that you can run from a Telnet session on your Windows PC. It displays data, communications, historical events
and alarm summaries. It does have limited functionality, however.
After considerable research and advise, I would like to thank Sainuddin and Quentin Ginever for their advise. I have found the right solution.

From looking at everything from a complete new system right through to looking at TermFlex etc etc. I was directed to Flex.Win. Flex.Win developed by DATAC Control a partner of DATAC Technologies which was RealFlex seems to have their act together and have moved RealFlex into the right directon.

If you go to you can download a demo which is pretty basic but it shows the functionality of what you can now do with RealFlex information. It's even possible to be web enabled.

To anyone who is interested either contact their Dublin offices or their offices in the states. I know it is Herman Becker in the States.