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While selecting various sensors + signal conditioners for a machine, the biggest problem is to evaluate all of them on a common term - some specify Linearity, some Hysterisis and some specify Accuracy to name just a few.

And then there is this Accuracy Class - what exactly does it mean? Can someone give some explanation on the term or any link to some litrature discussing it?


Hi RaghuDevi,

In specifications about measurements, we see accuracy and precision. Whereas precision is about exact dimensional value say 12.5 +/- 0.1 mm. The word accuracy means repeatability over a setting. If you set a sensor to work say 10 mm after adjustment, it will work accurate to your setting +/- 0.1 mm or so. So precision is exact dimensional value and accuracy is repeatability. These terms are also used in manufaturing machines where you need to produce accurately piece by piece.