Achilles Certification and Serial MODBUS Protocol


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I am working in electrical MV switchgears business, and I have a project in which operators are working with Modbus RS485 protection relays from GE (Micom). They want to have these relays Achilles certified. The thing is that I am not sure that this certification applies for Modbus serial communications. Achilles shall be linked to Ethernet protocols (Modbus TCP/IP for instance). On the other hand, GE Micom relays are not Achilles certified anyway.

I was thinking to find a serial Modbus to Ethernet bridge Achilles certified in order to do the link from GE Micom relays towards superior level while keeping Achilles certification for this part of network. Then I will avoid to buy Achilles certified other protection relays. Do you know some Modbus to Ethernet bridge/converter that is certified Achilles?

Thanks a lot for your help.
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Since GE bought Wurldtech, GE owns the Achilles certification, so you should contact Wurldtech.


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