Acrison Feeder IBM PC Communications???


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In the interface manual for this Acrison Feeder it says it communicates on a fixed baud rate of 375000. I have an rs485 card that can be
set to 115k,230k, and 460k. How do I select 375k baud? Do I jump the card to 460K and set my baud rate to 93750 ? Does that work? I've only worked with devices under 57600 baud.



The protocol you referenced was used on the old IBM PC systems is no longer supported. I would recommend upgrading to a supported protocol. Acrison supports a wide variety, Modbus RTU, Allen-Bradley DF1, Profibus, etc.. Please check our website, "" , for details.

Should you require addition information, please contact me.

Joe O'Boyle
Controls Interface Specialist
Acrison, Inc.