ACS880 RPBA-01 Emulation

Hi all;

We have been use ACS800 drives for a long time over Profibus by its RPBA-01 module.

ACS800 drives will not produced anymore. So, we began to use ABB ACS880 drives. ACS880 uses FPBA-01 adapter module for profibus.

I try to communicate ABB ACS880 drive with DCS using RPBA-01 emulation without changing the configuration on DCS. Communication protocol is PROFIBUS DP.

As it is said at FPBA manual, when you change parameter 51.07 RPBA-01 Emulate enable, without changing any configuration on DCS or PLC, ACS880 drives can communicate with DCS.

I changed all parameters according to manual. Leds on the module indicates that, network is OK but communication is lost.

Anyone can help me about this?

Thanks a lot..