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Anthony Kerstens


Does anyone know how to remove active desktop
under IE5 and Win98. Under IE4, you could simply
uninstall that component of internet explorer
from the control panel. I can't figure out how
to do it with IE5.

Anthony Kerstens P.Eng.

Conny Karlsson

There is probably a button in Control Panel/Display that's called "Show Web Contents On My Active Desktop" - disable this button.

If this doesn't help then a program called "TweakUI" will probably help... There are several TweakUI programs... some have restrictions and some do not... Microsoft has one that's free... You can change many Windows settings with TweakUI, including the option if you want Active Desktop active or not. Included as an attachment is Microsoft's TweakUI which was distributed with Win 98 - not Win 98 Second Edition...

Install the program by rightclicking on the .inf file in Windows Explorer... then choose install... and then you'll find the program in the Control Panel...
right click on the desktop > Properties > WEB tab.

You should be able to select active destop or "show destop as webpage"