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Buddy Dixon

Wanted to know if anyone has seen or used a good Trending ActiveX control for VB 6. I need to trend data stored in an Access Database. I've found several on the net, just looking for more options. Buddy Dixon Control Engineer Triad Automation
After a bad experience with one control my company found that the "Automated Solutions" active x was reliable. Though not actually a trending control, it is good for comms. VB6 can do the rest.

Raymond van der Tas

You could use TrendWorX32 Viewer ActiveX. It plots data in circular charts, time plots, xy etc. The data can come directly from OPC servers of from the Historical data access server(s). The HDA server is an OPC data colector and logger to industry standard databases like MS-access, MS-SQL, MSDE, Oracle. The HDA server can be placed anywhere on your internet/intranet. Details
I have used the histogram from MicroHelp's OLETools. Its easy to use and works great. Len Klochek

Alexander Lokotkov

Try ICONICS TrendWorX32 Viewer ActiveX. It's supplied with the TrendWorX32 trending application. If you don't need to create the real-time pens from OPC servers, it will be a good choice for you. You may play with their free full-functional evaluation version within a month.

Rajesh Kenge

GE- Fanuc has a HMI package known as CIMPLICITY. it has the built in ActiveX control for trending and also has a active X control for X/Y plots. it can very well connect with access for trending. Be sure about the screen update time you require as cimplicity is a bit slow when connection with databases is concerned. I have used this controls and are working fine hope this will add to your options list. thanks and regards rajesh
I have user Trendviewer from ICS for the exact same purpose. Also used OPC to populate the ACCESS Db, and the trendviewer for trending purposes. Email if you would like some code.. in VB..

Paul Rucci
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