Adaptive Control Algorithm for EPLS


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I'm working in one of the largest EPKS projects worldwide (about 90 C200 with 12 fully redundant Process Servers, four fully redundant DSA Servers, TPB, more than 20000 I/O's). Everybody is 100% satisfied, but for some control loops it would be nice to have an adaptive controler. Does anybody know something about an algorithm for the C200?
Adaptive control is too a large term. Regarding the technical realization, for the "gain varying part" of an algorithm in EPKS you can just use the mode of external gain in PID (or PIDFF) functional blocks. There are a variety of adaptive algorithms themselves. For the ones that utilize the self-tuning idea, please see and the links within. This algorithm was inmplemented on EPKS and proved to be efficient.

Marc Schuilwerve

The C200 under Release R200 comes with ProfitLoop build-in, it is a PID replacement. Check out Honeywell's website for more info. A fuzzy logic and Neural Net solution is also available for the C200. Honeywell Finland has used the fuzzy and neural controllers for the paper industry.
Are you using Fieldbus? Are you using PM I/O on the C200?

Torsten Winkler

Honeywell Germany has implemented a new function block using a adaptive control algorithm. This algorith is self tuning. You just have to to make one change and the algorithm calculates the tuning values. This algorithm also has an option to continously calculate the tuning parameters compared to the EPKS R200 Profit controller. As far as I know the block is available for EPKS R100 and R200.