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Ting Gatus

Hi everybody!

I am working a test with the Siemens S5 and S7 interconnection. We have an existing S5 CPUs (with ET200X as the interfacing module to the S7 CPU). All the S5 CPUs act as a remote IO and are connected (daisy chain) to a S7 CPU 315DP (the S5 CPUs are programmed independently). This 315DP is then connected to a COROS OP35 HMI. The function of the 315 DP is to connect all RIO S5 CPU to have
a communication with the COROS OP35. I tried to connect an additional rack (with ET200M, 1 analog input module and 1 analog output module to control a certain valve. A pressure transmitter is connected to the analog input module). The 315DP CPU has two ports so I put the wire to the second profibus port. The problem is, some of the networked or chained S5 CPUs became "invisible" (or can not be seen in the network) when I connect the ET200M in the CPU 315DP via profibus (when you are ONLINE). The "invisible CPUs" will again be seen if I detach my ET200M in the chain. I checked my addresses but they are all correct.
Did I connect it the right way? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

P.S. - 1 S5 CPU and 1 ET200X work in pair. We have 8 S5 CPUs with ET200X connected in the CPU315DP via profibus (daisy chained).


the 315DP CPU has only one profibus interface.It is the left interface on the CPU. The right interface is a MPI interface. You have to connect a ET200M to the profibus (left interface) and you have to update your hardware configuration in your project and download it to the 315DP CPU. If you only connect the ET200M to the profibus and you are not updating your hardware configuration the CPU is not able to see the ET200M.

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Kevin Hammond

Karl - Take another look at your 315. On my CPU315-2DP cpu's, the MPI port is on the left and the Profibus port is on the right.