Adding an Ethernet/IP Adapter to Micrologix 1400 PLC


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I want to add my Ethernet/IP adapter device to Micrologix 1400 PLC configuration & do communication of both through RSlogix500.

Is there any document available for RSlogix 500 procedure for this communication?

I was easily able to do it with Compactlogix PLC through RSlogix 5000 software.

searching for RSlogix500 steps to move further.

Bob Peterson

The micrologix 1400 does not support IO messaging which is what I think you are trying to do. If you can talk to the device with a normal message instruction, you can use that.
In general, I believe you can't add Ethernet/IP devices to the tree in a MicroLogix system. We've added drives to a MicroLogix 1400 before but had to use explicit messaging to get the information back and forth (via the MSG instruction in the ladder code). Your Ethernet/IP device should have instructions explaining how to do that.

What are you trying to add?
Hello Madhumati,

You need to use MSG instruction for your Micrologix 1400 to be able to communicate with other devices through ethernet network. There are 3 types of messaging supported by Micrologix 1400 that at least your device should be complied.

1. PLC-5/SLC-500 messaging:

Will be used if you want to connect your Micrologix 1400 to PLC-5, SLC-500 or Micrologix family

2. CIP messaging:

Will be used if you want to connect your micrologix 1400 to Controllogix, conpactlogix, powerflex drive or 3rd party devices that support CIP protocol

3. Modbus TCP messaging:

Will be used if you want to connect your micrologix 1400 to devices that support Modbus TCP.

Please inform us what type of device that you want to connect to your micrologix 1400 for us to be able to assist you further

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I want to communicate Hilscher make Etehrnet/IP Adapter. It supports CIP messaging.

Also let me know, how much maximum IN/Out data can be tested with ML1400/?
How these I/O bytes are increased ?


Bob Peterson

The ML1400 does not support I/O messaging at all.

If the unit you want to talk to can support regular messaging, it should work fine with the ethernet/ip port that is already on the ML1400. Otherwise, you are out of luck.

The ML1400 has 20 DI, 12 DO, 4 AI, and 4 AO built in (exact mix depends on part number). You can add a maximum of seven 1762 I/O cards to the expansion bus on the right side of the unit. There are a variety of 1762 I/O cards with a mixture of digital and analog I/O and I/O counts.

There is no remote I/O with a ML1400. However, you can use ethernet/ip messaging to connect as many ML1400 units together as you want. The messaging is not as fast as remote I/O but for most things I have found it adequate.

Thanks Bob,

actually I want some procedure that how can I change/increase the Send data/Receive data in CIP messaging. I tested my communication for 32 bytes in & out. Now I want to change the bytes configuration to 360 bytes in & 360 bytes out. But ML1400 is not taking this configuration. so what else I need to change into PLC configuration?

Please guide.