Adding Emergency Seal Oil Pump Start Timer to Timers and Counters


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I am working on a GE 7FA MKV and I would like to add L62ES (Emergency Seal Oil Pump Start Timer) to the Timers and Counters. I have attached my TOTT_Q.SRC file below.

Please give me some detailed instructions on how to add L62ES as a timer to the totalizer without losing the timers and counters values. I should be able to map this signal to the HMI on the timers and counters screen using CIMPLICITY once it is properly configured. Thanks!

; Specify 1,2,3, or 4.
; types 1 (=counter)
; 2 (=timer)
; 3 (=analog accumulator)
; 4 (=accumulated logic) ;adds a constant value to an accumulator when
; pickup of a trigger logic is detected.
; Must keep signals in order.
; Signal Trigger level for
;Type Name analog type (opt)
;---- ------------ -----------------
1 L30CTS
1 L30CFS
1 L30CES
1 L30NA
1 L30NB
1 L30NP
1 L30ATS
2 L30FT_T
2 L30FT_P
2 L30FT_G
2 L30FT_L
2 L30FT_M1
2 L30FT_M2
2 L30FT_M3
2 L30FT_M4
2 L30FT_M5
2 L30FT_M5Q
2 L30FT_M6
2 L30FT_M6Q

It's been a LONG time since I've done this, but here goes...!

From the file you sent, it appears there are only three remaining spare accumulators (timers; counters)--the ones with LFALSE in the second column. So, you need to choose one of those (let's choose the first one from the top, the one between L30NA and L30NB. That's, by the way, the seventh accumulator of a total of 24 accumulators--that's significant.

The number '2' in the first column of the seventh accumulator means it's for a timer (per the Comments in the top of the file)--and that's what you want.

Replace the LFALSE with L4ES--or whatever the CDB (Control Signal Database) pointname is for the logic signal that starts and stops the Emergency Seal Oil pump. (I don't think you want to use L62ES, but rather the name of the signal that actually starts and stops the pump.) It may be L4ESZ, or L4ESX, or something similar. You may also want to use the feedback from the Emergency Seal Oil Pump motor starter, probably something like L72ESA or L72ESX.

Whatever the case, when the signal you use in the second column (to replace LFALSE) is a logic "1" the accumulator will increment the timer, and when it's a logic "0" the signal will stop incrementing the timer. So, you may need to choose a signal that is a logic "1" when the pump is running, and you may need to actually create that signal if one doesn't exist.

Then, you need to put the accumulator value on a display--or you can just add it to a Demand/User-Defined Display much easier than putting it on a CIMPLICITY display (HINT! HINT!) You need to be able to display ACCUM_07_LSW and ACCUM_07_MSW in the display--since that's the address of the accumulator for the seventh accumulator. Have a look at the CIMPLICITY display for timers/counters to see how it's done for CIMPLICITY displays.

I would think that, by default, the ACCUM_07_LSW & -MSW values are already in the CIMPLICITY project--but that's just an educated guess. If they're not already in the CIMPLICITY project, hopefully someone else can help you with getting it into the project; I can't. There are just too many versions of CIMPLICITY and TCI and service packs and MS-Windows versions to remember how to do it for each combination. Sorry.

Hope this helps!